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About coaching

Coaching starts with discovering what's missing in your life or what needs to change.

Discovering what your goals are for your relationships with your health, food, family and values. Discovering what's important to you about those goals.  

It takes time and commitment  to make serious changes in your life and can be difficult to accomplish without support.  To find out if working with a coach is right for you, we can discuss the programs we offer and how that program would be tailored to you as an individual. 

It all starts with a free 15 minute call designed to help you and us discover what you want for your health, what's motivating you and if working with a life or health coach could unlock your potential to be the healthiest, happiest, best version of you!   

Our programs are generally 90 days long, but we can work with you for as few as two to three sessions, or plan for a six month commitment. 

Give us a call or send us and email and we'll get something scheduled that's convenient for you.

(207) 222-7330

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Our programs

Our programs are all individually tailored.  The foundational programs below are what we use as a starting point depending on what changes people want or need to make in their lives.

Weight loss

Weight loss graphic

Our 12 week weight loss program is designed to help you take weight off and keep it off permanently!  No more yo-yoing with your weight going up and down every few months.  In this program you will discover how your body wants to be nourished and what foods give you the most energy without going straight to your belly or hips to be stored for later.  

Intensive Diabetic Care For Patients with Type 2 Diabetes

Diabetes Management: Win the Blood Sugar Battle

This program is designed for those who have been diagnosed with Diabetes (Type II) or Prediabetes. We will guide you in improving your insulin resistance and your quality of life by staying off of medications or preventing this lifestyle disease from progressing. We will work, along with your physician, to gain control over your blood sugar roller-coaster with dietary changes, a manageable exercise regimen, sleep
hygiene protocols, and stress management. Receiving this diagnosis can be overwhelming, but we are here to help you make sense of all the information and not let it take control of your health or your life.

Conquer Stress and Take Back Your Health

Heart-Healthy food options

In the Conquer Stress and Take Back Your Health program we will focus first on managing your responses to the stress in your life.  Stress interferes with digestion and causes weight gain. You will learn ways to prevent this along with how to eat healthy and form lasting habits so you will feel great, have energy, sleep well, and love your body. 

Heart with healthful choices

Becoming The Best You

"Becoming The Best You"  is what we call our customized life coaching program.  We have focused on helping people quit abusing food, drugs and alcohol to become healthier and happier so that they get more out of life.  Our clients create healthy habits that stick and help them to say no, lose weight, and start feeling better about themselves so that they can live up to the best version of themselves, inside and out!

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