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Life and health coaching
Robin and Doug


Dr Robin Davies, DMD, CLC, CHC
Doug Davis, CLC, CHC

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Health coaches, Doug and Robin

We personalize our Life and Health Coaching programs to help people overcome ANY challenges that are preventing them from living their best lives.  Our clients range from recent retirees looking for "what's next?" in their journey, people seeking better relationships with thier spouses, and men and women who want to lose a little weight or find a little more energy heading into spring and summer. 


Click on "Blogs" for some quick articles about topics near and dear to many of our clients, as well as us.


For more info about who we are, click on "About us".


Click on "Programs" to find out more about how our coaching works.  For the best results, call for a free consultation to see if coaching is right for you.

CLC: Certified Life Coach
CHC: Certifified Health Coach

Certification through Health Coach Institute which is accredited by the ICF and is a member of the Idaho State Board of education. 

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